Jared Weintraub


You looked like an angel

You had the Devil in your eyes

I wish I could tell you

The way you make me high

You’re the kind of girl I could never turn away

From the first time I saw you to our last dying day


No No No

No No    X2


Well the way that you hold me

The way you move your hips

Ain’t no one else in this world

I could ever kiss

For the rest of my life I’ll be by your side

No I could never be alone again


No No No

No No    X2


I don’t know what you saw in me

The first time  that we spoke

But from that day on

You have always been in my thoughts

Well the things you said I never could forget

A new life began that night for me


No No No

No No    X2


Well the places I’ve been, the people I’ve seen

I’d give it all away just to have you here with me

You’re the one that I dream about

When I close my eyes you’re the one that I see


No No No

No No    X3