Stand Up

Jared Weintraub
Music/Lyrics ©2012 Jared Weintraub


Song and Artwork ©2012 Jared Weintraub

Produced and Recorded by Art "Ski" Halperin at


Information on each station

Sterilizing our minds


What has come of our generation turning a blind eye

Polarization, an impoverished nation

Yet we act like everythings fine



Stand up

If you want to make a difference

Stand up

If you want to make a change

Stand up

Cause the longer that you sit there

The more the world will stay the same


Well you are who you choose to be                     

Whether doing it on purpose or subconsciously

Noone else can make the move

The world you live in is yours to use




Now’s the time to decide what to do

You ain’t getting any younger or any less confused

Free yourself from the numbness

Free yourself from that daze

Help us all to find

Find that better day


Chorus X2